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80% of learners never reach their potential

Knowledge unaccessed, growth unachieved, wisdom untapped... The journey undiscovered.


Endless reading, zero comprehension


Struggling to apply theories


Overwhelming frustration

Overwhelmed by surface-level psychology?

Traditional Learning & Other Apps

  • Manually search for psychology resources
  • Limited course topics, often requiring payment for each course.
  • Challenges in finding up-to-date psychology insights.
  • Posting events and jobs for a fee
  • Miss foundational experiments and their applications
  • Limited focus on emotional and mood self-awareness.

Privileges with Psychpedia

  • AI-powered curricula in diverse psychology fields
  • Comprehensive course range at the cheapest and affordable price
  • Catch the day with articles, job-postings, events, magazines updated every day
  • Posting events and jobs for free
  • Easy-to-use mental health tools and effective learning techniques
  • Track and manage your moods daily
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Finding Psychpedia changed everything for me. The courses are deep yet affordable, truly making personal growth achievable. It's more than just an app; it's a way to unlock potential I never knew I had.
Gizem T.
Model & Economics Student

It's time;

A World of Psychology at Your Fingertips: Empower Your Mind, Enrich Your Life

Explore, engage, and elevate with Psychpedia's comprehensive features designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your journey to self-improvement.
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Course Variety

  • Explore realms from Social to Clinical Psychology.
  • Delve into Forensic, Sports Psychology, and more.
  • Access all-encompassing knowledge affordably.

Unlock the mind, unleash potential, discover with Psychpedia.

  • Explore a variety of psychology courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, all designed with AI assistance for a personalized learning experience.
  • Stay updated with daily articles on the newest findings in psychology, journals, job postings, and upcoming events in the field.
  • Access tools for mindfulness applications, including meditation exercises and learning techniques that support mental and physical well-being.
  • Use our daily emotional tracker, helping you record and analyze your mood patterns for better self-awareness and personal insight.
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Psychpedia has lit the way for my self-discovery journey. Diving into new psychology topics has been exciting and eye-opening, all thanks to its wide range of courses.

Anyone curious about the human mind will find something here.

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Turushan A.

iOS Engineer


Let's expand your knowledge of psychology. Discover yourself.!


To follow current events and developments in psychology & use self-development applications.




  • Psychology 101 for Everyone
  • Mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Current events and job posting updates
  • Daily mood tracking
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Best choice to learn everything about psychology and prepare yourself for life in the best version.




  • Psychology 101 for Everyone
  • Mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Current events and job posting updates
  • Daily mood tracking
  • Comprehensive psychology courses access (Clinical, Cognitive, Developmental, Social, Organizational Psychology, Statistics)
  • Upcoming special subfield lessons (Ethics, Forensic Psych., Sport Psych., and more)
  • Continuous learning with new monthly content
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You’re not just getting an app; you’re gaining a portal to the psyche. Psychpedia offers a tapestry of courses that unfurl the human mind, tools that sculpt mental resilience, and insights that keep you abreast of psychology's evolving landscape. It’s a companion for introspection, a bridge to understanding, and your beacon in the exploration of human behavior. With Psychpedia, every interaction is a step toward self-mastery and every lesson, a stride towards personal enlightenment.
  • The first week of use is free for users who purchase Premium. You can cancel freely during that period.

  • The app is currently not available on Android. It may happen in the future.

  • I can make and deliver a similar one for you in 3 days. You can reach us by e-mail: hello@psikopedia.com

  • Cool, contact us by e-mail: hello@psikopedia.app

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  • Staying updated with psychology is so easy with Psychpedia. It's my daily source for new knowledge and community connections. This app has truly changed the way I keep up with my field.

    Buse T.
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  • The personal development tools in Psychpedia have improved my daily life, offering peace in the busy times. The mindfulness practices have helped me focus and feel better overall.

    Emre Avci
    Sports Announcer
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  • The mood tracker in Psychpedia has deeply enhanced my self-understanding. Learning about my emotions with this tool has been an insightful journey I'm grateful for.

    Aleyna Seçkin
    Psychology Student
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I had to work hard to graduate with high honors in psychology because I didn't have access to a comprehensive resources and updates in one place. I also realized that I was mentally exhausted and couldn't stay in the moment.

So, to secure my future psychological & self development and to benefit many other psychology enthusiasts, I developed the Psychpedia application.

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Tunahan "Tunimba" Aktay

Psychologist & Developer of Psychpedia